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Technological Primates

Since the “birth” of the Hotel Aminta, the management has chosen those services which result as being the most advanced on the technological front.
This process has been carried forward with consistence and a great will to maintain the leadership in this field without question.

During the period 1994/1995, for example, it was actually the hotel Aminta that began using new methods of communication that have made it the first among the hotels on the Amalfi Coast that is capable of working via internet, it also results as being the  first hotel in Sorrento capable of presenting itself to its potential guests thanks to the  internet web services.

This type of sensibility and the firm belief that the availability of every type of information, science and computer technology support, even for guests must be available and it would seem that our hotel was probably the first to adopt:

  • live webcam of the bay of Naples;
  • live webcam of Vesuvius;
  • live webcam of Ischia;
  • live webcam of Procida;
  • live webcam of Capri;
  • live webcam of Sorrento.

Apart from being one of the few hotels with live webcam in Sorrento it was also the first  hotel with live webcam on the Amalfi Coast.
Continuing on the technological front our hotel was also the first hotel to provide internet links in every room as it was also the first hotel to provide a WI-FI service (full coverage free of charge).

These and other particulars, make tangible the desire to provide not only the oldest and more traditional services that characterise every 4 star hotel in Sorrento, but also all the most avant garde and sophisticated means and services that are available on the market.

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