• The Kinder Family from Essex


    Hello, We would just like to say thank you so much for a fantastic time in the Villa Aminta!!! We had a fantastic holiday in Rome and then to travel down to Sorrento to stay in the Villa Aminta just made our holiday unbelievably brilliant! You have the best views of the Bay of Naples which were breathtaking and the all of the staff were great! It was so sad to leave Rome Ciampino Airport in the lovely sun and then to land in Stansted and have to run inside because of the cold rain. We cant wait to come back! We loved it so much that we are coming to the Villa Aminta again in Spring 2003 Thank you again for an unforgettable stay

  • Alexa xxxxxx


    Hello, I recently stayed at the hotel as part of the Prendergast party. I had the time of my life and I just wanted to say thank you. Who ever is reading this please say hello to Antonino the barman for me. Your hotel is amazing and I would definitely come again. Love From

  • Irina XxXxXxXxX


    Hi, I was also part of the Prendergast group, I thought that the hotel was amazing and I had a great time!!!!!!! I will definitely come back soon. luv

  • Rosie xXxXxXxXx


    Hey, My name is Rosie and I was also part of the Prendergast group of 2002! I had the time of my life! This was definitely my best holiday ever! I reccomend The Aminta to EVERYONE! It's great! I would come back for sure! Love

  • Dave and Jane


    Dear Gianfranco I would like to thank you and all your staff for making our stay so memorable last week, it seems a long way away from the rainy England we woke up to most of this week... no wonderful view of Vesuvius. It is a shame we did not get to meet you whilst we were there maybe we will when we stay again. Regards,

  • Janet & Terry Mackey Alford Lincolnshire England


    We have just returned home from a marvellous weeks stay at the Aminta Hotel, and we would like to add our comments to your Guestbook. The Staff were excellent, the Hotel was very comfortable and the food was absolutely fabulous. We hope to return one day with friends to enjoy the experience over again.