The Grand Hotel Aminta Management is absolutely aware that a responsible economic strategy aimed at pursuing the effectiveness of its services, respecting safety and the environment, is essential to its success.
It recognizes that only a continuous improvement leads to significant commercial and economic benefits while satisfying the expectations of its Customers at the same time.
To this end, the Organization undertakes to provide services in accordance with the needs of the bearers of reference interest, to an ever increasing quality, constantly seeking to improve its activities.
The Customer is thus a central player in success: it is the importance of knowing it deeply, providing services that meet his demands, listening to the explicit ones and understanding implicit ones, to achieve an ever higher level of satisfaction.

The main and general objectives that hotel management, with this policy, want to ask is essentially:

✓ the effective participation of internal staff in achieving and improving the purpose of the Quality Management System, which this document represents as a policy and continuous improvement of the Organization's performance, also in terms of image and reputation on the hotel market;
✓ Satisfaction with all stakeholders, including compliance with all contractual commitments and careful communication care;
✓ the respect, in an even better way, of the requirements imposed by the legislation in force, especially in the field of occupational safety, information security and the protection of the environment;
✓ the ability to make strategic decisions based on objective information and data;
✓ Collaboration with professionals and consultants that compete with the achievement of increasingly high quality standards of the Organization.
The achievement of these goals increases the effectiveness of the services provided and makes the Customer's satisfaction with the differentiating factor in an increasingly competitive international market.
The SGQ is subject to continuous and systematic reviews and improvements and the Company is committed to maintaining its system certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Specific objectives will be defined annually by the Management and appropriately communicated.

Sorrento, June 1, 2017

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