The Grand Hotel Aminta Management believes that the main goal to be pursued is to allow its employees to work serenely in a safe and healthy working environment by identifying the risks and dangers and defining, as a result, the possible actions to be taken to increase safety levels in their workplaces.

The Organization is therefore consistently committed to:

✓ consider aspects of Health and Safety as essential contents in the definition of new activities or in revision of existing ones;
✓ Involve and consult employees on issues related to Occupational Safety, including through the collaboration of the Health and Safety Representative;
✓ carry out activities with the indisputable obligation to comply with existing laws, regulations and regulations relating to the sector and any other requirements prescribed by the Company, in particular those relating to health and safety at work;
✓ maintain a transparent and collaborative relationship with the public authorities and / or the supervisory bodies;
✓ work for the continuous involvement of staff and skills development by organizing training and information sessions, pursuing growth, awareness and sense of responsibility for the safe work of all employees;
✓ privileged suppliers acting in the context of continuous improvement of the security of the products and services provided;
✓ Preventing injuries and injuries to workers' health, including those of third-party companies working on their infrastructure, engaging in continuous improvement in safety and health at workplaces;
✓ Periodically review the Policy, Goals, Goals, and related implementation programs as well as the underlying Management System to give it adequate visibility within the Company;
✓ Involve the entire business structure, each according to its own attributes and competences, in achieving the assigned goals, including those on Health and Safety.

The Corporate Management also undertakes to disseminate this policy and its objectives through the exposure and distribution of this document and the relevant documentation of the Integrated Management System.
Specific objectives can be defined annually by the Management and properly communicated.

Sorrento, June 1, 2017
the direction