The beauty has been unanimously recognised for over two thousand years. At the place where the ancient Greeks immortalized its fame, imagining – and recounting – that the magnificent Sirens lived near the shores and the beaches of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Centuries later, the same blue of the marine waters continues to enchant all who are fortunate enough to admire it.
Not by chance, in 1908 –when writing “The Land of the Sirens” - Norman Douglas stated: “This land of the Sirens is above all a place of irreproachable contours, and an artist would do well to throw away his palette, and try to understand what it’s like.  It is a land of classic sobriety, of limestone and blue sea and only an artist who is really great,  of expert hand and a soul sensitive to eternal harmony, may hope to extricate its pure beauty…”

A particular judgement expressed by Douglas, is that every year, the many, many tourists that visit Sorrento, its Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, have the possibility of sharing it. In this sense, our hotel is surely amongst the hotels with sea views in Sorrento and amongst the hotels with sea views on the Amalfi Coast that enjoy the most charming and suggestive positions.

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