From its birth...The warm welcome, the kindness and professionalism of our staff are the same qualities that launched more than one hotel in Sorrento in the Grand Tour International.

From the very beginning the Hotel Aminta has proven itself to be one of the most qualified and well-organized hotels on the Neapolitan Riviera. It is the ideal choice when planning a holiday on the Amalfi Coast or a stay in Sorrento.  The hotel offers a unique experience to our guests, to make any holiday an unforgettable one. The scenery and the views from the Aminta make the hotel the most beautiful, panoramic hotel in Sorrento. The views of Vesuvius, Ischia, and Sorrento are unparalleled, and often leave our guests speechless.

We are constantly updating and renovating the Hotel Aminta to keep pace with modern technology, nothing is overlooked. Even when choosing our hotel's name, we were careful to select something that reflects the roots and true spirit of Sorrento history and culture.

Grand Hotel Aminta®
Grand Hotel Aminta®



The Aminta “mission” is  to guarantee a pleasant and relaxing stay in Sorrento in a warm and friendly environment. We are committed to ensure relaxation to our guests and to offer them all the comforts and the best available services. This way we are able to distinguish ourselves as a luxurious hotel in Sorrento and amongst the best luxurious hotels on the Amalfi Coast.   
Thanks to being a hotel in a panoramic position, the Aminta proves to be enchanting, charming and magical,  which make choosing the Aminta the right hotel  to plan your holiday in Sorrento.

Due to its fantastic position, the hotel Aminta adds something absolutely necessary to characterize a hotel of charme on the Amalfi coast: glamour, the attraction and seduction operated by a high class hotel in Sorrento and the charme that characterizes the best 4 star hotels on the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine peninsula.

A Hotel di Charme in Sorrento, the Hotel Aminta is one of the most beautiful, fully-equipped, antique buildings, typical of the Neapolitan Riviera.
The hotel opened on April 16th, 1961 and has been continuously renovated and maintained throughout the years to keep up with the trends of changing times, always maintaining the highest of standards. The management of the hotel Aminta, constantly striving for excellence, rely on the help of experts to care for every detail, so as to satisfy the needs of the clients, in a modern and sophisticated manner.

The one thing that has not changed throughout the years is the desire to make our clients feel at home, to make their holiday as unforgettable an experience as possible. These attributes and many more are reasons why the hotel is not only considered among the best 4 star hotels in Sorrento, but also one of the most appreciated among hotels in the Sorrentine Peninsula, and among the most prestigious on the Amalfi Coast.

The hotel is well-known as one of the finest hotels in the Neapolitan Riviera for its warm and friendly atmosphere.
The fact that the Aminta is located in such an enchanting position, gives the hotel all the qualities of a hotel with panoramic views over the bay of Naples. It is not a coincidence that so many guests return year after year to the Aminta in Sorrento. Many guests, after spending many memorable moments at the Hotel Aminta, consider it a second home,  the ideal place to stay in Sorrento, or to vacation on the Amalfi Coast.

Another strength to take note of is the relationship between quality and costs. The Aminta offers the highest standard of services and amenities, typical of the finest hotels in Sorrento, while still maintaining competitive prices. The Hotel Aminta in Sorrento is always the best choice. In choosing one of the best hotels in Sorrento, guests are guaranteed a one of a kind holiday.

Hotel Aminta  - 1961