Villa Aminta is our annex , situated just steps away from the main building. Other than providing even more relaxing surroundings, it is the ideal solution to guarantee maximum relaxation for holidays in Sorrento. Built at the beginning of 18th century, Villa Aminta has been renovated with all modern comforts. A historic house and notable example of local rural architecture, this Villa sorrentina enjoys a series of advantages which make it truly unique.

Surrounded by greenery of lemon trees and olive trees it offers an unforgettable appeal and absolute tranquillity. The villa - which is off from the main road –  is situated at a distance of 150 metres from the main hotel building, it can be reached by a pathway through the lush vegetation which is characteristic of the area. Please take note that there are several stairs during the walk.

The fact that it is a patronal villa facing the most famous and suggestive panoramas of the bay of Naples makes it particularly suitable for those wishing to spend their holiday in natural surroundings, feeling – on the one hand – that they are at the centre of the lively world of the Sorrrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi coast  – but at the same time – assuring themselves peace, tranquillity and relaxation.
Villa Aminta guests are offered – in the main hotel building – the impeccable restaurant service which has brought the hotel fame, for its delicious cuisine and numerous gastronomic specialities.