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Informazioni ex art. 1, comma 125-bis, della legge 4 agosto 2017 n. 124

Ai sensi dell’art. 1, comma 125-bis, della Legge 4 agosto 2017, n. 124, in ottemperanza all’obbligo di trasparenza, si segnala che nel corso del 2020 sono state ricevute sovvenzioni contributi, incarichi retribuiti e comunque vantaggi economici di qualunque genere da pubbliche amministrazioni, come sotto specificate:


- esenzione dal versamento del saldo IRAP per l’anno di imposta 2019 ex art.24 del D.L. 34/2020 per Euro 13.303;

- contributo a fondo perduto previsto dal Decreto Rilancio (n. 34/2020, art. 25) per Euro 26.336 (erogato da Agenzia delle Entrate);

- contributo a fondo perduto Regione Campania per le attività alberghiere per Euro 7.000 (erogato da Regione Campania);

- contributo a fondo perduto del Decreto Ristori (D.L. n. 137/2020, convertito Legge n.  176/2020)  per complessivi Euro 52.672 (erogato in due soluzioni da Agenzia delle Entrate);

- contributo a valere sulle spese di sanificazione sostenute nel 2020 per Euro 2.475 (ex art. 125 del DL n. 34/2020) erogato sotto forma di credito di imposta;

- esenzione dal versamento dell’IMU per il settore alberghiero per complessivi Euro 44.452 sia per la prima che per la seconda rata 2020 (ex DL 34/2020 e DL 104/2020);   

- contributo a fondo perduto del 6% sull'acquisto di beni materiali 2020 per Euro 3.973, percepito sotto forma di credito di imposta;

- decontribuzione Sud ex art. 27 del DL n. 104/2020 per complessivi Euro 10.360,77 relativamente ai mesi di ottobre, novembre e dicembre dell'anno 2020;

- contributo spese per il settore ristorazione (art. 58 DL n. 104/2020) per Euro 9.990,44, erogato dal Ministero Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali;

- contributo per le attività di formazione del personale dipendente ex art. 1, comma 1064, della Legge n. 178/2020, per complessivi Euro 52.194, erogato sotto forma di credito di


Q) What does Aminta mean?

A) Torquato Tasso, the greatest Italian poet of the late Renaissance,  was born in Sorrento in 1544. His first important poem was the pastoral drama "AMINTA" which proposes a simple happy life dominated by the tender passion of love. Aminta, a male shepherd, was the main character in the poem.


Q) Do you have a car parking?

A) We have a parking for cars free of charge. Due to the limited number of spaces, these cannot be booked in advance. We have 3 charging stations for EV and parking space for EV can be booked in advance.


Q) Do rates include taxes and service charges?

A) Rates on our website include VAT and service charges. City tax (3.00 Euros per person per night) is not included in the rates and must be paid locally. There are no booking fees or any other hidden or extra costs. 


Q) Do you accept credit cards?

A) The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club, and Maestro.

Q) Do you have a dress code for dinner?

A) Dinner attire is casual (no men's shorts allowed)

Q) Do you have a laundry service?

A) Laundry service is available Monday to Friday, with delivery in 48 hours

Q) Do you have irons and ironing boards?

A) We have a limited number of irons and ironing boards available for all guests.

Q) Is internet available?

A) We offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi access in public areas and in all bedrooms. Wired connection is also available in all bedrooms. 
Q) I have special dietary needs. Do you have anything I can eat?

A) We are very pleased to inform you that almost all special diet needs can be catered to

Q) I red that tables are shared in the dining room, is it correct?

A) If you book a package holiday through a Tour Operator, there is a good possibility that you will share a table with other clients.

Q) I have booked a twin room can I have a double bed instead?

A) Twin rooms have 2 single beds that can be put together to equal European King size-bed

Q) Do the rooms have a fridge?

A) Each room has its own minibar. The items consumed are automatically charged to the room bill and restocked every morning. The minibar can be used to store baby food or medicines.

Q) Do the rooms have coffee and tea facilities?

A) Only the rooms in our annex Villa Aminta have coffee and tea facilities

Q) Do the rooms have a safe deposit box and is there a charge?

A) Safe deposit boxes are available in each bedroom. There is no charge for the use of the safe.

Q) Do the rooms with a bathtub have a shower also?

A) All rooms with a bathtub have shower attachment.

Q) Do the rooms have hairdryers?

A) All rooms have hayrdryers.

Q) Do you have sunbeds around the swimming pool and is there a charge?

A) Sunbeds are available on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to guarantee the use of your own sunbed for the entire day, the reservation fee is 4.00 Euros per day.


Q) Do you provide pool towels?

A) Pool towels are available free of charge and can only be used within the hotel areas.


Q) What electrical plug and voltage is used in Italy?

A) Electricity in Italy, as in the rest of Europe, comes out of the wall socket at 220 volts alternating at a 50 cycles per second. In the US, electricity comes out of the wall socket at 110 volts, alternating at 60 cycles per second. Not only the voltages and frequencies, but the sockets themselves are different. You can get along with just a plug converter for many of today's small electrical devices designed to run on dual voltages. Devices like this include most laptops, most recently produced battery chargers, and many small, electrical gadgets, especially those designed for world travel. You can check the back of the device or the "power brick" for the electrical input specifications.


Q) Do you provide plug adapters?

A) We can provide plug adapters. We do not provide power converters.


Q) Is the Aminta pet friendly?

A) Small pets are very welcome at the Aminta. Unfortunately, due to problems with other clients in the past, we strongly recommend not leaving your pets alone in the room. Please take note that pets are not allowed in the restaurant. Also, Italian law states that pets need to be on a leash and preferably with a muzzle in the common areas.